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Preventive Dental Care in State College, PA

At Centre Cosmetic Dentistry, we’re passionate about giving our patients the picture-perfect smiles they deserve, and that all starts with regular, dental checkups and preventive care plans at our State College, PA dentistry practice. Dr. Robert Jeanmenne and his team take time to establish lasting relationships with patients, and in addition to allowing our team to diagnose and treat oral health issues in their earliest stages, six month dental checkups and preventive care appointments are our opportunity to get to know patients. Contact the team to find out more or schedule an appointment today.

Checkups & Cleanings

While we never recommend a one-size-fits-all approach to dental care, checkups and professional cleanings at our office at least two times each year are recommended for every patient. This essential preventive care routine allows patients to prevent most oral health issues and receive conservative treatment and early intervention for those concerns that are not preventable. Six month checkups include four main services:

  • Diagnostics – we use the latest diagnostic technology, including digital x-rays and intraoral photography, to identify oral health damage and developmental concerns in the earliest stages
  • Evaluations – Dr. Jeanmenne carefully reviews patient’s smiles to screen for signs of oral health issues, including tooth decay, gum disease, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching), and oral cancer
  • Cleanings – our hygienist carefully removes plaque and tartar from teeth and offers patients recommendations for improving at-home hygiene routines
  • Consultations – Dr. Jeanmenne reviews the findings from the patient's appointment, provides treatment options, answers questions, and partners with patients, dental specialists, and medical practitioners to create the best ongoing care plan


The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) act as a sliding hinge connecting your lower jawbone to your skull.  Problems with this joint can cause pain in the head, neck, ear, jaw and face.  It can often be identified when pain arises from chewing, talking or evening yawning.  It can also contribute to lock jaw or a clicking or popping sensation when opening the mouth. One possible solution to redistribute the force on teeth while biting is to wear an oral appliance.  A mouth guard that is worn at night takes force off of the jaw and helps alleviate the grinding or clenching actions that are often done unknowingly during the night.  These guards are custom fabricated for each patient to give a secure and accurate fit.  They are also made of thermoplastic hard plastic that is very durable and pliable to help form around the teeth prior to insertion.   For those patients who have a stronger bite, the guards can also be reinforced with metal webbing inside for even more durability.


Considering the popularity of sports and fitness in our society today, the Academy of Sports Dentistry was founded.  One of their primary missions focuses on the fabrication of professionally diagnosed and designed custom mouthguards. Contact sports including football, hockey, rugby, soccer, etc. not only have the potential to cause bodily injury, they also can contribute to serious dento-facial and temporomandibular injuries.  

Dr. Jeanmenne has recognized the need to incorporate sports dentistry into the practice to service the majority of our patients.  We are able to construct premium mouthguards that properly protect each patient for their intended sport.

Dental Sealants

Sealants create a clear, protective coating between teeth and decay-causing plaque and bacteria, protecting patients’ smiles for years. The placement process is simple and painless. We apply a thin coat of liquid sealant to teeth, and harden it into position using a curing light. Once in place, the coating of dental sealant is completely clear. We’re happy to apply sealants as part of any regular preventive checkup, and we frequently recommend dental sealants for young patients who are still developing their oral hygiene routines, as well as older patients who are looking to protect the lifetime of their teeth.

Oral Cancer Screening

We screen every patient for signs of oral cancer regardless of their participation in any of the high risk behaviors associated with the disease (smoking, chewing tobacco, excessive alcohol consumption). Research indicates that as much as 30% of those diagnosed do not engage in any of these behaviors, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend early diagnosis and treatment as the best solution to decrease the number of annual oral cancer related deaths. We use the VelScope oral cancer screening system, which allows us to identify possibly cancerous tissue in the earliest stages.

Fluoride Treatment

As teeth develop, fluoride ingested from tap water and the food we eat is delivered to the developing dental structures to form solid tooth enamel. Once teeth erupt from the gum line, topical fluoride treatments are the best way to continually deliver this fortifying mineral to keep tooth enamel strong. For most patients, adequate fluoride is received from daily tooth brushing with fluoridated toothpastes or rinsing with fluoride mouthwash. However, for younger patients or adults who are prone to decay, we may recommend professional-grade fluoride treatments in our practice. We can quickly apply the topical solution during six month checkups. Fluoride is also beneficial for patients with sensitive teeth.

Children’s Dentistry

We are a family dental practice, and that means we welcome patients of all ages. From the eruption of your child’s first tooth, we are happy to offer effective preventive dentistry services that keep your children’s smiles intact. After helping your child keep a whole, healthy smile for life, our top priority is establishing positive associations with the dentist for your child. When young people learn to look forward to dental visits, they are more likely to have a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease occurs when plaque and tartar buildup irritates the soft tissue leading to bleeding, inflammation, sores, breakdown of gum tissue, and other more serious health concerns. In the early stages, more frequent teeth cleanings may be effective in reversing damage. When gum disease progresses to the more severe stage, we provide more advanced treatments including scaling and root planing and antibiotic therapy. In most cases, patients are able to renew their oral health following these treatments with more frequent professional cleanings and improved at-home hygiene.